The Fargo “In Memoriam” Video Is A Great Way To Wrap Up Season 2


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Not having Fargo this past Monday sucked. Absolutely sucked. Having an awesome Monday night TV show–let alone the best show this year–to look forward to is such an unexpected luxury. You don’t quite appreciate it until it’s gone. So when that garbage Lions-Saints game ended and I had no Fargo to watch, the only thing that kept me going was knowing a Season 3 was coming. Apparently it’s not coming until the spring of 2017, which is a preposterously long amount of time to make me wait for more Fargo. But still… it’s coming

This video, though, was a great way to close things out. Again, best show on TV this year. Mr. Robot was a close second, and Game of Thrones still gets the nod at #3. But nothing reached the absolute must-watch, savor every second, never disappointed level that Fargo reached. A+ stuff. RIP to all the lost characters, except you Simone. Ah Jeez.


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