Dabo Took The Clemson Team For A Day At Frankie’s Fun Park

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I’ll tell you what… if there is a coach who goes out of pocket for his players more than Dabo Swinney, I’d like to meet him. Dude just goes above and beyond for these guys. And sure, maybe a day at “Frankie’s Fun Park” isn’t exactly a 19-year-old’s idea of an awesome afternoon. But these guys see the effort he puts in. They see how much these players love playing for him, and how he can turn at some rundown go-kart track into an awesome afternoon. And yeah, they also see that #1 Ranking and the upcoming New Years Eve College Football Playoff game they’ll be playing in. That’s why Clemson just signed the #2 overall recruit in the class of 2016 and the #1 QB recruit in the class of 2017. That’s why this team will come out relaxed and ready to play on New Years Eve and again on January 11th. That’s why we’ll be a powerhouse program for years on end. These guys love Dabo, and that ain’t changing any time soon.



P.S.   Calling a run down go-kart park with some arcade games an “amusement park” is so perfectly South Carolina. Just like calling a tiny strip of bars and a few restaurants “downtown”. I love Clemson and all but I will never ever miss living in a small town.

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