Kobe Dunked On My Face Last Night

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I’m a big man. I can admit when I was wrong. I mean I’m definitely not wrong about Kobe being washed. I’m just letting you guys know I can be wrong on other things. And when I am, I’ll admit it.


Jokes aside through, credit where credit is due. After a solid month and a half of being absolute garbage, culminating in a 2 for 15 stinker in Detroit, Kobe has actually put together a quality six game run here.


By no means is he “back”, but it’s cool to see him figure out his shot here for a little run. He deserved a run like this. And I still think his best move would be to ride this out, have an awesome game on Christmas, and retire before things get worse. Regardless, good for the fans who get to see vintage stretches like that 3rd quarter last night.

It’s fun to get at Kobe on here because Laker/Kobe fans are the most oversensitive babies in the world, but the other side of that is admitting when he’s been great. And he has. Will I go back to poking fun at Kobe for shooting too much and refusing to change his role to help the young guys develop because he wants to go out “his way”? Of course. Fucking with Kobe fans is awesome. They’re some of the most overly-defensive, easily-offended, unable to take a joke babies out there. Which is funny because Kobe is literally nothing like that. Kobe has admitted he can’t do it anymore and is in on all the jokes, yet there are grown adults on the internet who look at a blog poking fun at Kobe like it’s Mein Kampf because he’s their favorite basketball player. The dichotemy there is just hilarious.

So yeah, well done Kobe. You dunked on my head. I don’t know if I’ve actually said anything bad about you. I just pointed out that you were washed, most because you were shooting 30% from the field and 21% from three. That’s just #FactsOnly. But congrats on this run and that dunk nonetheless.


P.S.   I guess since this is kind of related. I’ll always love Kobe for what he did to Dwight Howard.

Dwight Howard, still the biggest pussy ever.


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