The Bucks Took The Old “Strip Club Loss” To The Lakers After Partying Until 2am The Night Before

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TMZ  —  16 hours before the Milwaukee Bucks crapped the bed and lost to the last place Lakers — several Bucks players hit an L.A. strip club and partied until 2 AM … and TMZ Sports has the footage. O.J. Mayo, Greg Monroe, Khris Middleton and Miles Plumlee rolled into Ace of Diamonds L.A. on Monday night … and we’re told they stayed a little after 2 AM. The Bucks played the woefully bad Lakers on Tuesday night and lost — just days after upsetting the previously undefeated Golden State Warriors — leaving many people scratching their heads.  And this is interesting … Monroe was a late scratch for the Lakers game, citing a knee injury he apparently suffered at a practice hours after he left the strip club.  



Ahhh, the old strip club schedule loss. A staple of any Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, or Houston team. Opposing team rolls into town, players hit the club the night before a game, and that team then shits the bed the next night as four or five of those players drag around the court trying just trying to make it out alive. Usually it’s a team from an opposing conference making their one trip to LA/NY/Hou/Atl for the season. And usually that team is coming off a big win two nights prior, celebrating by throwing stacks of money that could feed a country. Well if the Eastern Conference Milwaukee Bucks, who are only in LA once because they play the Clippers tonight, coming off their huge upset of the then-undefeated Warriors, don’t just fit that to a T.

Probably figured they’d be able to roll right through the lowly Lakers. Next thing you know, Greg Monroe is a healthy scratch for “bumping his knee” in warmups, a.k.a. throwing up Henny in the locker room after shoot-around.


and OJ Mayo and Kris Middleton are shooting a combined 9 of 27.


I love the NBA.


P.S.   My favorite stat in NBA history is that JR Smith shoots 43% from Monday through Saturday, and just 38% on Sunday afternoon games. Hit the club with Rihanna on Saturday, shoot 2 of 14 on Sunday, get back to normal on Monday, and do it all again next week. He’s like every twenty-something who decided to stay at the beach and get drunk on a summer Sunday and now has to snake their way through a hungover Monday at the office without actually doing anything. Except he’s playing basketball on national TV.

Never change JR, never change


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