Porzingis And Towns Square Off Tonight At MSG

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Huge matchup at MSG tonight. YUUUUGE. The league’s two best rooks square off for the first time in what should be a long and storied rivalry. The #1 and #4 picks. The highly skilled big men who have immediately made their mark on the league. The two guys who, more than anyone since Anthony Davis, look like the league’s next superstars.

I hate to blow things out of proportion this early, but this is absolutely the most important game of Kristaps’ life at this point. Lot of talk about him hitting a rookie wall during that road trip. Lot of talk about him not being able to handle the load of an NBA season. Lot of talk about him wearing down. And you know what, even I will admit some of that is justified. Wrong, but still justified.

But if you think for one second that KP isn’t coming out tonight with a MONSTER performance, then you don’t know KP. There is no rookie wall for the Latvian Larry Bird. Tonight is going to be a special Kristaps night. Not a good night, a special night. Tonight will be one that we remember for years. Tonight will set the tone for the rest of this season. Tonight will go down in MSG lore. Tonight, we will watch KP smash through that rookie wall like it was a motherfucking curtain.


It’s Kris, bitches.


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