I Think This Vine Is Some Of My Best Work

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If only you knew how long this took me to make. Oh boy. I write, work, and basically live on the internet, and it took my about 100 times longer than it should have to make this vine. I’m pretty sure there’s a simple way to take a video and just splice in the music. I see those vines everywhere. Yet your boy ham decided to spend what felt like three hours filming a youtube video while trying to time another youtube video of “It’s Me Bitches” up perfectly with the first video. I didn’t even get it perfectly. Just settled on this one because I need to eat dinner before Kristaps vs. Towns starts.

Oh and speaking of that, the entire point of this vine was to put at the end of my Kristaps vs. Towns preview blog. So go read that too. I need all the clicks I can get. Tryin to get that skrilla so I can pay someone to make these vines and do all the technology stuff that’s way over my head. Also, if you know how I can make better Vines, DM me @yourboyham11 or email me at ham@whatstheaction.com.

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