Dan Bilzerian Is A Big Donald Trump Fan. Who Would’ve Guessed?

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Who do you think has more to owe to their father’s success? Both are obviously trust fund babies with eight figure inheritances. Both lied about “making it on their own”. Both don’t really do anything. Both make the world significantly worse. And both have turned themselves into a “brand” that appears real and cool and epic and appealing to the people who jerk off in the mirror and threaten to fight people on Facebook.

But I think Trump brings more to the table. It actually takes skill to do what he’s done. I mean he’s convinced like a solid 1/3 of the country that he should be running it, simply by preying on their fear, racism, and narcissism. I mean, that’s pretty impressive. Even if Trump never inherited that money, I figure he’d still be successful. He’s a snake-oil salesman. He’d con his way into millions somehow. That’s a talent.

Bilzerian on the other hand… what would he do without that money his scumbag dad left him? Can you imagine him doing anything other than living it up at The U or Arizona State for four five-and-a-half years, making a failed attempt to be DJ, then taking a job at Equinox or Enerprise Rent-A-Car before settling down with Hep C and the first second fifth girl he knocks up?

I mean what else would he do? He has the charisma of dead wood. At least Trump is a con man. He’s got something to offer. Bilzerian is just an empty corpse with a penchant for fucking runaways and shooting guns to fill the emptiness inside him. He’s Ted Bundy with a large inheritance and a PR team that won’t allow him to risk that money by killing the girls he pays to hang out with him. He has to be the answer here. Because without that money, he has literally nothing. So congrats to Donald. I guess he really can make it on his own.

P.S.   “This guy fucking sucks”





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