Justise Winslow Credits Wikipedia For Getting Him Through Duke

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Savvy move by Winslow here. Very savvy move.

You see, some people might think that the Duke one-and-done kids probably didn’t “play school” at Duke. Might think they had some GA’s doing their homework. Might think they just went to class to text and flirt and never really pay attention. Some people might think that.

Well this right here is what you call “getting ahead of the issue” from our man Justise. It’s kind of brilliant

“Hey Justise, did you do the work during those five months you were at Duke?”

“Yeah, just used Wikipedia, lol.”

Completely diverts attention from never going to class. It’s like using self-deprecating humor to get out of a sticky situation. You don’t just come out and tell some bold faced lie like “I went to class and never let anyone else do my work and was not paid under the table.” You have to make it realistic. So you go halfway and say you went but needed to borderline cheat. People will question the first one. Nobody will question the other one.

“Did I actually go to class? Yeah, totally. I was just so dumb that I needed to use Wikipedia. Haha, am I right?”

*inner monologue*
please don’t ask me what classes I took, please don’t ask me what classes I took, please don’t ask me what classes I took 


P.S.   Shoutout to all the Wikipedia truthers and haters. I used Wikipedia all the time and it never let me down. I’m right there with Justise. Saved my ass all through high school and college. Now look at me. I’m a successful small business owner who just spent his weekend imitating DJ Khaled in a Santa Claus suit at a barcrawl on Snapchat. #AdultLife to the max.

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