I Hope Odell Beckham Breaks Out Of His Sophomore Slump Soon

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Sick of seeing Odell everywhere. Red carpet, commercials, Madden covers. Why are we just giving this to a one year wonder? Let’s see what he does when these defense can actually gameplan for him. Let’s see him do it with all the pressure. Let’s see him make one of those impossible, breathtaking catches in a win. Sure those stats were good last year, but let’s see him duplicate those. Kid has sophomore slump written all over him…



Good win last night for the Giants. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like Miami is a good team, because they’re not. That game was closer than it should’ve been. But what else can you expect out of the league’s worst defense and a roster with two reliable NFL players on it. That’s 2015 Giants football.

At this point, the entire team basically has to rely on “will Eli and Odell make enough of a superhuman effort to win us this game”. There’s really not much else to it. If you expect anyone else besides those two to show up on a weekly basis, you’re kidding yourself. We know the defense is trash. We know the offensive line is wildly inconsistent and prone to another injury on any given play. We know the running game probably won’t show up. And we know that everyone outside of Odell in the passing game is comically unreliable. (Don’t get me wrong I love Will Tye for what he’s done. But the fact that our second most reliable target right now is an undrafted Tight End from Stonybrook says everything about this team.) We know what this team is.

There’s nothing that’s a given on this team other than Eli and Odell. That’s it. And every game for the rest of this year basically rests on “can those do enough to win this”.

Huge game coming up Sunday vs. Carolina. It’s hard to see Washington losing twice, so the season–and probably the Tom and Eli era Giants–rests on us beating the best team in football. The best part is… there’s no place I’d rather be with those two.

Super Bowl XLVI

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