Will Ferrell And Bill Eichner Asked People About Elf

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I gotta admit, Billy Eichner cracks me up.  I really never thought I’d like the guy and his whole “screaming in people’s faces” schtick, but every time I watch one of these videos I end up laughing. Mixes the physical comedy of the whole act with some very quick, funny lines so well. It takes a lot to out-funny Will Ferrell in an improv setting, even “lost his fastball” Will Ferrell*. And Eichner did it with ease.



*It’s really depressing to see how much Will has lost that fastball. I guess old age and raising a family will do that to you. I don’t think people want to talk about it, but the last few things he’s done have been more underwhelming than the next. Couldn’t even rear back to throw some gas with his George Bush skit on SNL this weekend. Just sucks to watch a guy that funny kind of lose it over the years. And makes you realize just how rare it is to see someone like Bill Murray remain at the top like that.

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