MONSTER Putback Dunk From Gerald Green’s Brother In The German League

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I’ve been through all the scenarios, I’ve done all the research, and I still can’t tell you what the fuck Garlon Green (great name) is doing here. The only plausible explanations are if the line was +3 and he bet against his own team, or if he was going for a specific stat line like the Ricky Davis Triple Double Attempt.



But it’s neither. I found some sketchy site that said the line was +8, and unless there’s a specific bonus for a 16-3 stat line, he didn’t have a reason to go Wrong Rim Ricky.




Basically dude just lost his mind for a minute to put up a sweet putback. Everything you’d expect out of someone related to Gerald Green. Also if you told me three years ago that Gerald Green would be the one doing this in Europe I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. One of the crazier career turnarounds of all time.


P.S.   The Ricky Davis Triple Double attempt is so perfectly early-2000’s NBA. If there were three things I’d find to summarize that era, it’s that clip, the Artest Melee, and every Antoine Walker game ever.

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