Bill Cosby Sues His Rape Accusers For Defamation

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TMZ  —  Bill Cosby has aggressively lashed out at 7 of his sexual assault accusers, claiming they went on a malicious campaign to ruin him with lies and thwart his TV comeback. Cosby just countersued the women, claiming they have made “malicious, opportunistic, false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct against him.” The comedian is claiming emotional distress against Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Louisa Moritz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis and Angela Leslie … claiming the allegations of drugging and then sexually assaulting them is flatly untrue. Cosby claims the motivation of the women was to torpedo his television return. Cosby had signed with NBC to star in a new family comedy series, and he says when the women got wind of it they trumped up phony allegations. He also says they’re just in it for the money. The countersuit says the claims of the women have caused him shame and mortification by their “morally repugnant conduct.”  Cosby says the women are out to assassinate his character.

Gotta hand it to you here Bill. Claiming “All these women accused me of rape because they didn’t want me to get back on TV” is one of the boldest claims I’ve ever heard. That is a ballsy move. Almost as ballsy as… drugging and raping hundreds of women.

To be honest though, I don’t really care about this story. Like, just shut up and die already Bill. We all know you did it. Nobody is seeing this lawsuit and thinking “Oh, maybe he didn’t rape any of the hundred-plus women who have come forward with these accusations.” There’s no way out of this man. Just kill yourself already. You’re like 90 anyway. Let’s just get the super-weird “What he did was terrible, BUT…” tributes over with. We all know you did it. You’re a terrible person. You ruined hundreds of lives. And no ridiculous lawsuit is gonna change that.

The only reason I’m posting this is to remind you all about this GIF from July. I was just thinking about it this weekend for a “best of the year” thing for the site. In my opinion, this was the GIF that broke the internet camel’s back. The second @alexdalex created this, the internet lost all chill forever. There’s no chill left. GIF of the year and personally one of my favorite tweets ever.



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