Ernie Laughed Right In Isiah’s Face For Saying “New York Is Not For Everybody”

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Forgot to include this in my Knicks recap blog from earlier. Mostly because I wanted to forget I even saw Isiah’s face last night.

You know what the best part of this video is… there’s a chance Isiah still thinks he did will in New York. Wait, what am I saying – Isiah definitely still thinks he did well in New York. There’s a 100% chance he thinks things went well. He basically said that in that Real Sports segment in September.

And why would he think otherwise? He did get rehired despite losing the company eight figures in a sexual harassment lawsuit. The only possible scenario where a company would rehire somebody who did that would be if that person was great at his job. Or if the company was run by a 4 foot tall, incompetent, talentless trust fund baby who wanted to rehired the only creep who was weird enough to be friends with him. I just can’t if it’s the former or the latter in this case…


Goddammit I hate this fucking franchise.


P.S.   Charles going right at CNN’s throat on a Turner broadcast was A+ stuff. Never change Chuck, never change.

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