Fisher Is Clueless, Melo Is Washed, & Kristaps Is Our Only Hope

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Another banner Knicks performance last night. And by banner performance I mean we opened slowly, took our only three scorers out, watched their lead grow, couldn’t guard their point guard, had to fight back into the game, and came up short at the end because of terrible coaching and iso ball. Like clockwork. The only question is whether or not Melo will quit on the game once we go down 15. That basically decides our fate between embarrassing blowout or demoralizing failed comeback attempt. Because unless this team is leading when the bench comes in at 3:30 in the first, that’s how every game the rest of this season will go. Last night just served as a magnifying glass for the issues of this team:

  • Derek Fisher is the worst coach in the league not named Byron Scott. He’s awful. Just awful. I mean the guy is fucking clueless right now. He’s playing 13 different guys, his lineup decisions are wildy inconsistent, he can’t decide what pace he wants to play, his go-to bench guy is SASHA VUJACIC, he thinks Lance Thomas is Kawhi Leonard, he’s fucked around with Grant’s minutes and killed his confidence, he plays lineups without KP, Melo, or Afflalo on the floor that can’t score and just stares blankly as the opponents lead balloons to double digits, he doesn’t play KP at center until the very end of the game, he can’t draw up a play to save his life, and, again, his go-to bench guy is SASHA VUJACIC. Clueless.
  • I’m not going to go all the way and say “Melo is washed”, but that’s not an unfair questions at this point. The lack of explosiveness shows with all these missed layups. Also, hit a fucking free throw Melo.
  • Arron Afflalo is an asshole. Plain and simple, dude is an asshole. He is every old dick at the Y who refuses to pass to you if you’re under the age of 30. He’ll take it to the block offensively because he thinks he’s Wizards MJ and never pass, then play “in your face” defensively to cover up the fact that anyone can blow by him. Watching him look only for his own shot and go out of his way to NEVER pass to Kristaps is as infuriating as it gets. Also, stop taking line drive threes Aaron. It’s not working.
  • Kristaps is a center. He just is. There’s a reason the offense only clicks during those five minutes at the end of the game with KP at center before we just go to the Melo/Afflalo Iso ball show in the last three minutes. I like Lopez, he works his ass off and boxes out. But with him clogging the lane offensively this offense just can’t reach it’s potential.
  • When he did play center, and had to matchup against the most talented, powerful center in basketball, he more than held his own. 50-60 pound weight difference and he was still in there BATTLING with Demarcus. Altered multiple shots, stole entry passes, forced him into bad looks and turnovers. Incredible effort. Outside of this spin move with a totally clean elbow to the face…
  • I can’t remember one instance in the fourth where I though, “ahhh Demarcus really got him there”. KP KP went right back at him the next possession and blocked/altered this dunk attempt with NO fear. How many players, let alone rookies with a 60 pound weight difference, can you say would do that? This is exactly why I love Kristaps:

  • Oh and this… I love him for this too:
  • Awesome effort on the Rondo Dunk Melo. Way to lay out for the team.
  • It’s unbelievable that not a single person on this team can throw an entry pass. Melo and KP worked their asses off to get post position and not a single good entry pass was thrown.
  • Hey Kosta Koufos if you touch Kristaps again I’ll fucking kill you


  • The bench is so fucking bad. I know I just hated on Afflalo, but he needs to be coming off the bench with this second unit. Nobody out there can create their own show. It’s absolutely painful to watch
  • Every end-of-game situation needs to go through KP at this point. At the very least he needs to be involved in the pick and pop/roll. He is our best player now. That’s probably been the case since mid November, but I think last night validated it. Kristaps is just better at basketball right now than Melo.
  • The day we finally get a real point guard to run pick and roll/pop with Kristaps is going to be amazing. I’ll pay a billion dollars for Mike Conley this summer. I don’t care that he’ll be 29 next year. 4 years $80 million. Fuck it, $100 mil. Whatever it is. Totally worth it for what he’ll do for Kristaps.
  • Derek, awesome play call to end the game my man. Not even Steph Curry is getting a clean look just running across midcourt to the three point line with no screener there. (Steph will still hit it though). At least give the guy a fucking screen or something. That was awful.
  • Never change, Melo. Never change


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