Plies Singing Along To Adele Is… Something

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(shouts to Bave)



So… we’re all thinking the same thing right?



Yup. He 100% sounds like Tyrone Biggums. The second he started singing all I could think about was “I smoke rocks”. I don’t know if that’s his real voice or not, but that was electric. By the way that’s two organic Chappelle Show references in one day. If anyone wants to pass along a story about a dice game or basically any instance of white people being racist so that I can get the hat trick, tweet me @yourboyham11. Shouldn’t be that hard to find something.


Anyways… the internet really is something man. You never know what you’re gonna encounter out on a day to day basis. I would’ve taken even odds that Plies was dead. That’s not even a joke. Hadn’t heard from him since he ripped a verse on the Hi Haters Remix. Just assumed he was gone. But low and behold I have someone tag me in a video of him belting out Hello like Tyrone Biggums and all of a sudden Plies is back in my life. I guess that’s just the life on the internet. Something new every day. Did I wake up this morning thinking I was gonna hate dolphins? Of course not. And I definitely didn’t wake up expecting to watch a D-list rapper sing along to Adele. But here we are. I might not travel the world for work, or even leave my own house, but I definitely can say my job brings me new “surprises” every day. Beats the fuck out of spreadsheets and morning meetings.


P.S.   Sorry I called you a D-list rapper, Plies. Shawty was straight fire. Mostly because of T-Pain, but fire nonetheless.


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