So I Guess Charles Woodson Has His Own Wine?

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Is there a better career move than getting into the wine business ofter your playing days? That’s such a hit, right? Hire the right people and you’re golden. I have no idea how the wine industry works, but I assume you just hire a sommelier and get some people out there stomping grapes in the field. That’s how wine is made right? You just stomp grapes and collect the juice, then mix that with grain alcohol, right?

On a business side all you’re doing is dealing with distributors and vendors and I’d assume you probably just hire people for that too. Your only real responsibility is schmoozing these guys and showing off your Super Bowl Ring and maybe taking a picture for them to hang in their restaurant in exchange for a few orders. Charge like $79.99 a bottle and name the wine “twenty four” and watch the profits roll in. Worst case scenario the business bottoms out and you’re left with a bunch of wine to drink for the rest of your life.


P.S.   Shoutout to all the sommeliers who threw up and probably died a little inside when I said that’s how wine is made. I see you Tim.

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