Rush Limbaugh Just Got Us With The Old “You Know Who Wore Pants? Hitler”

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Ahhhh Shit… he got us guys. Republicans, Democrats, and normal people alike. He got us. Rush Limbaugh just hit us with the old Reductio Ad Hitlerum. You know who else wore pants? Hitler. You know who else had hands? The Devil. You know who else thinks banning all Muslims is a stupid idea? Terrorists.


Turns out we’re all terrorists now. And I guess also Hitler if you’re also wearing pants right now (I’m not #WorkFromHomeLife #NotHitlerLife). Welp. Didn’t see that coming. I guess we all have to go, right? Do we just deport ourselves? Is that how it works? Or do I just wait for the Gestapo? Do I have enough time to finish Man In The High Castle? I have like five episodes left. Because if I don’t finish by the end of this week my Free Trial of Amazon Prime is gonna run out. Not really trying to pay for Prime, you know what i mean? Most of these shows are on Netflix anyway. Also, will there be wifi wherever I’m going? I need to blog. Kristaps plays tonight.

Wait… Kristaps has blonde hair and blue eyes. Hitler only liked people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Oh shit…

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