Dabo Wins Coach Of The Year. Here Are His Best Moments

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It’s nice to know that the undefeated #1 team in the country is going to get the slightest bit of recognition this year. It’s nice to get one goddamn award before we win the National Championship. Because between being 3.5 point underdogs against the same Oklahoma team we beat 40-6 last year and seeing our quarterback (the best player in the country) probably lose the Heisman to Trent Richardson Eddie Lacy that stereotypical Bama running back averaging less yards per carry than Fournette, Cook, and Elliott, it’s like the whole world thinks Clemson snuck into the playoffs from the MAC. Nevermind that we’ve beaten the #8, #9, and #10 teams in the country and we’re the only team with a top 20 offense and top 20 defense and we’re  the only team that HAS NOT LOT A GAME. I mean holy shit guys, how long is this “Clemsoning” rhetoric gonna last

Whatever… what’s important here is that nobody deserves this award more than Dabo. Seven years after taking over as the interim coach, he’s transformed Clemson from a perennially underperforming team into one of the elite programs both from a recruiting and on-field performance standpoint in the country. A powerhouse that has beaten Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Florida State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and yes, OKLAHOMA BY 34 POINTS ONE YEAR AGO over the last three seasons. A team that top recruits are dying to come play for. And a team that, one month from now, will be national champions. I’m glad that someone got some recognition for being the undefeated #1 team, and that someone should be Dabo…







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