Mike Francesa Lost It On A Politician About Daily Fantasy Sports vs. Gambling

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I don’t think anything has ever angered Mike quite like the “should Daily Fantasy Sports be considered gambling” debate. I mean there’s plenty of individual New York Sports moments, a la Andy Pettite is a Starting Pitcher”, that have revved him up to 100. But no philosophical debate gets him even close to the DFS/gambling issue. Part of it is his well-documented affinity for the horseracing industry. Part of it is his long-held disregard for fantasy sports. And most of it is his complete and utter hatred for any and all things new or revolutionary. It really is the perfect argument for Mike. And this 15 minute clip, for those of you brave enough to ride it all out, is about as perfect a 15 minute sample of Mike Francesa as you’ll ever get. THAT’S A GOOD JOB BY YOU MIKE!

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