Fuck John Lennon

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Fuck John Lennon. Most overrated historical figure ever and legitimately one of the biggest hypocrites of all time. Yeah, sure, the Beatles are the best and most important band of all time. Whatever. Dude is still a huge piece of shit.

What did he actually do? Really, what did he do?

Preach love? Dude was a wild egomaniac who married the woman who stalked him. Preach peace? Beat his first wife, psychologically abused his son, and was from ALL accounts a shitty, bitter guy to everyone around him. Preach togetherness? His ego is the reason the Beatles broke up.

Political activist? Find me one thing he changed. Talented musician? Pretty average, McCartney and Harrison were more important (big shouts to Ringo, keep cashin them checks!). Legendary songwriter? Wildly overrated, and all of his solo stuff is trash, especially the most overrated song of all time, Imagine. Revolutionary thinker? Give me a fucking break. He is the stereotypical example of every idealistic non-conformist who thinks they’re “not conforming” while completely oblivious to the fact that they are conforming to an idea of “non conformist”. Guy didn’t revolutionize shit.

So tell me, what did he do? Give the world a few inspirational quotes that he didn’t follow himself? Pretty much. Yet somehow that’s earned him a place amongst the most important figures of the 2oth century. A hypocritical douchebag, just sitting up there with dudes like MLK and Einstein and Ghandi because he “Imagined” a world with no possessions from his million dollar NYC apartment and a world with no anger before he ruined his son’s life. Fuck John Lennon. The next thing I read about something great he did will be the first.

Take me out Bill…


P.S.   Not a John Lennon fan.

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