Danny Kanell With A HOT Take On Concussions

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(Danny Kanell is such a herb. I don’t think I’ve ever called someone a herb until now, but it’s such a perfect word for him. Kanell? Dude’s a fuckin herb)


Hot Take Danny! HOT Take. We’ve got retired players losing their minds left an right. We’ve got guys shooting themselves in the heart to leave their brain for research. We’ve got kids dying on the field in high school. We’ve got guys like Big Ben playing through broken feet who feel it necessary to self-report their concussion with the game on the line because they know the effects. We’ve got guys like Luke Kuechly who would cut his own arm off to get back on the field missing four weeks to properly recover from a head injury. We’ve got ambulances on the field once a week to treat immobilized players. We got the NFL paying a BILLION dollars in concussion lawsuit settlements.

But oh no, no, no. Old Danny K isn’t buying that left-wing agenda. He’s gonna need to see some more research before he believes you’re wild leftist theories that repetitive head trauma is bad for the brain. He’s going to need to see a few more players kill themselves before he starts buying what the “concussion alarmists” are selling. He’s gonna need to see more than some baseless op-ed at The New York Times by another bleeding-heart liberal hell-bent on ending football because he didn’t make the team in high school… or by the doctor who discovered CTE who’s life is being portrayed in a major movie this week that the NFL is trying to cover up. either way, Danny is going to need to see the numbers. Just not enough facts to justify the concussion concerns at this point.


P.S.   Has any show ever taken a bigger fall then SVP & Rusillo to Rusillo & Kanell? The Kanell hire didn’t make much sense to me at the time, and looks even worse now. Kanell might legitimately have a case as the least compelling radio host in sports history. Dude is a wet napkin who’s there solely because of his Heisman. He’s not even good at trolling – the one thing that every ESPN Radio person should be able to do. Obviously it’s impossible to replace someone as good as SVP. But in retrospect, Danny Kanell was the worst choice possible. Really Rusillo, you couldn’t find ANYONE else?

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