Can’t Recover Better Than KP Just Did On A Handshake With Dirk

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Yo… do NOT overlook how important of a moment that is in Kristaps’ career. A moment that we’ll look back at as a shining example of what kind of player KP is. Because make no mistake, that is a reputation-changing video right there. A video that’s being passed around NBA text message chains faster than a Rihanna nudie. Superstars left and right posting 😳😖😰 and this video, knowing they’re now completely helpless against Godzingis now. Physically there isn’t a player that can match up with him, and now they all know the mind games won’t even work. Because if Dirk can’t even throw him off on a handshake/dap/fist bump, nobody will. Dirk tried to disarm him with the friendliness and KP just ate that shit up. Might as well have Mutumbo wagged in Dirk’s face right after it. Oh no, no, no Dirk. You’re gonna try to throw me off, Dirk? Try to rattle me? Get that shit out of here.

KP was ready for that handshake before Dirk even got on the floor. Saw it coming a mile away. Threw his fist up knowing full well that Dirk would go dap, then adjusted at the last second to show Dirk just how ready he was. How sharp and how aware and how many moves ahead on the chessboard he is before the first pawn had even been touched. 20 years old with the mental fortitude of a 20 year vet. Already outthinking his opponents like he’s 86 Bird. Just miles ahead of everyone, and they’re all starting to notice. #PrayForTheNBA #ChessNotCheckers




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