39-Year-Old Kevin Garnett Posterized Blake Griffin Last Night

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39-year-old Kevin Garnett has to be the worst person to get dunked on by, right? Has to be. I mean sure, he’s an all time great. First ballot Hall of Famer, no doubt. But the dude is as washed as anyone not named Kobe right now. He’s been washed for like 3 years now. Yet he was still able to reach back in the time machine to throw one down on your head. And you will never, ever, ever hear the end of it. Put aside the stigma that comes with being the poster child of posterization, then getting dunked on by an old man. That sucks in itself. But just the fact that KG is the most relentless, fake-tough-guy shit talker ever makes this that much worse. Dude will never stop talking about this. And since he’s washed and barely plays anymore, you’ll probably never have a chance to return the favor. He’ll never attempt to block your dunk attempt. You’re just going to listen to KG talk about that dunk for the rest of your life. And short of duffing him at some off-court NBA event with cameras involved, or just killing him, there’s nothing you can do. KG now officially owns you as a person. Sorry Blake, you’ve had this coming for a while now.


P.S.   Under Kobe fan logic, KG is now back to being a top 3 player in the NBA

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