What’s The Action Podcast 12/4 – Another One

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The What’s The Action Podcast 12/4

Coming in still hot off our NFL Best Bets in part 1, your boys Ham and Consoli are back for ANOTHER ONE. We give you the action on Clemson, Alabama, Deshaun Watson vs. Derrick Henry, college football Championship Weekend, why the SEC is trash, Keenan Reynolds and ESPN’s Heisman ballot, David Price’s contract, Kobe’s retirement, and Porzingis meeting Turtle. Check out all the blogs referenced in the Podcast below

And check out Part 1 of the What’s The Action Podcast – NFL Week 13 Best Bets here:


Blogs referenced in the Podcast:


DJ Khaled Will Motivate You Through This Friday

You smart. You very smart. We the best. You a genius. I appreciate you. You loyal. I changed… A lot. You can too. #‎AnotherOne ‪#‎AndAnotherOne‬ #AndAnotherOne #AndAnotherOne


Deshaun Watson Deserves The Heisman Over Derrick Henry, And Will Light Up UNC

ll this talk about UNC beating Clemson and Derrick Henry deserving the Heisman over Deshaun Watson this week has been laugh out loud funny. Here’s why both those statements are stupid…

ESPN Took Navy’s Keenan Reynolds Off Their Public Heisman Ballot Because He Was Winning The Vote

The fact that ESPN can’t throw Navy, and the military in general, a fucking bone and keep this kid, who represents EVERYTHING that is good about football and this country, on your fake public ballot is an absolute joke.

Kobe Is Now In “Do We Want The Kids To See Grandpa Like This?” Territory

Do you really want your last memories of Kobe to look like this? With him take 15 seconds to shimmy his way into his thirteenth missed three pointer of the night?
Just hang it up now Kobe. Do it for all of us. Because every game you hang around is another hospital trip that nobody wants to make.


Porzingis Was Dying To Meet Turtle From Entourage, And Finally Did

Of all the celebrity Knicks fans, Kristaps most wanted to meet the guy who drove Vince and the gang around and smoked weed and got way too involved in the major plotlines of Entourage in the later seasons
Also, this looks like Gandalf meeting Frodo

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