Steph Curry’s Shot Chart Is Preposterous


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yo… WHAT?

How is that even possible. He’s above league average from EVERYWHERE. And not just above, but significantly above in most cases. There isn’t a spot on the floor that he’s not better, and more efficient, than the majority of the league. That’s insane.

I’m not sure what point Curry’s run elevates him to be discussed with the all time greats. I know he has to sustain this to deserve that praise, but does anyone think he won’t? Does anyone out there think that this is some kind of fluke? Of course not. So we have to start viewing this in a historical context now. He’s playing better right now than anyone… ever, right? I guess anyone besides peak Jordan and peak Bird. Maybe peak Magic and peak Lebron. But who else? Who else has had a better two-year run ever? Definitely not Kobe. I know that. Kobe wasn’t even really that good to begin with. Totally overrated. Shaq and Pau carried him to titles. And no I’m definitely not just saying this to fire up the overly-defensive Kobe fans who can’t handle watching how washed he is now. This is just Facts Only.

Steph > Kobe. All day every way.



(Kobe talk at 33:30)


P.S.   Porzingis will be shooting at this level by February. #FactsOnly

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