DJ Khaled Will Motivate You Through This Friday

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Little motivational message from our boy DJ Khaled to get you all through this Friday at the office. And if you’re looking to kill some time this afternoon, give a listen to your boy’s strong takes over at the What’s The Action Podcast with Consoli. Coming in hot this week.


Anyway… yuuuuuuge Weekend for your boy Ham. YUGE Weekend. Clemson – North Carolina, Giants – Jets, Knicks – Nets. Okay fine, that last game doesn’t really matter outside of Kristaps going for 35 and 15. But those first two? OHHHHHH boy. You just can’t be on the losing side of a Giants – Jets game, and this ACC Championship is the only thing between Clemson and a College Football Playoff spot and eventual National Championship. All I have to do is get through this Friday. Talk to me Khaled…

I am smart
I am very smart
I am the best
I am a genius
I am appreciated
I am loyal
Khaled changed… a lot
I can too
I am going to Win, Win, Win, no matter what
I’m going to rip that door open
And rip the hinges off
And put the hinges in the fuckboy’s hands
In the fuckboy’s hands
I can put the hinges in the hands too
I’ll never give up
I’ll never surrender
I’ll put this money in my savings account
I’ll buy my momma a house
I’ll buy my whole family a house
I’ll do a pushup
Another One
Another One
Another One
Another One

And Another One
And Another One

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