Always Sunny Hilarious Parodied An 80’s Ski Movie In The Season 11 Trailer


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Always Sunny continues to be the funniest show on TV, and this promo proves just why. This is the best trailer any TV show has ever made. A+++. Laughed out loud the whole time and I don’t think they told a single joke. It’s all because of how well we know these characters at this point. And their dynamic fits the 80’s ski movie dynamic so perfectly, you’d think the first ten seasons of this show were all just a build up to them doing an entire 80’s movie parody. I mean Dennis and Frank are the perfect 80’s movie villains. I’d pay infinity dollars to watch them do this for a whole movie. Even just a whole episode. Just this minute was the best thing I’ve watched all week.*

To be honest I don’t even know if any of that made sense. But I’ve already wasted enough time writing. Just watch the trailer right away.


*Just kidding, the best thing I’ve watched all week is still Doc Emrick’s laugh


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