Porzingis Was Dying To Meet Turtle From Entourage, And Finally Did

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NY Post  —  Despite being the toast of New York, Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis has remained delightfully unaffected so far. He tells MSG Networks’ Jill Martin in an interview to air Friday that the celebrity fan he’s most excited to meet is . . . Jerry Ferrara? “I’ve seen his movies. I know he is a fan of me,” explained the Latvian baller of the star who played Turtle on HBO’s “Entourage.” “He was tweeting some stuff about me, so I know he supports me.


First of all, that’s an absolutely hilarious picture. Turtle is already basically a midget at 5’4″. But motherfucker looks like Frodo Baggins meeting Gandalf right here.

He might as well be a 6th grader on Make-A-Wish. A 6th grader who also happened to net Meadow Soprano for a hot minute, but a sixth grader nonetheless.

But even funnier than the picture is that this was the Knicks celebrity that KP was dying to meet. Dude could not wait to talk to Turtle from Entourage. How ridiculous is that? I mean think of all the Knicks Celebrity Row. Of all those people, Kristaps most wanted to meet the guy who drove Vince and the gang around and smoked weed and got way too involved in the major plotlines of the show in the later seasons.


That cracks me up.

I guess it kind of shows how cool a customer KP is. Hasn’t been nervous since the age of 6. Wouldn’t even break a sweat meeting Spike or Johnny Mac or Larry David or Seinfeld or Howard Stern or Tracy Morgan or Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis or Woody Allen or Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz or any number of people who come to the world’s most famous arena.

Nope. Just another day of KP meeting his fans.

But the fat-turned-skinny 5th lead in Entourage? KP couldn’t wait. Absolutely hilarious.

Goddammit I love this kid.


UPDATE:   I guess I kind of went in there, and I don’t want to get it twisted… I fuck with Jerry Ferrara. Dude is the realest Knicks fan of all those celebs (fuck Spike Lee), and seems like a legitimately good dude. Ragging on him for the Entourage stuff isn’t mean-spirited, it’s just #FactsOnly. Keep doing you Turt– I mean Jerry. And seriously, smoke more weed.


P.S.   Putting the ball on the floor with your weak hand at 7’3″ in your 19th NBA game like that is just unfair. That should not be physically possible. I mean Holy Christ, this kid does not have a ceiling.

Also… this pass…


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