Is Doc Emrick KIDDING With This Laugh?

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via Barstool

Yo… wait… WHAT?

Doc… are you KIDDING me with that laugh? What in the absolute FUCK did I just watch?

The only possible explanation for that laugh is that Eddie Olczyk dropped a digit on Doc while he was talking. That’s it. Eddie O reached down and gave Doc THE GOOSE in the middle of Doc’s soliloquy. Popped him right in the b-hole with a little oomph.


And Doc, the consummate professional, just gave a quick yelp and powered right through it.

This is just a little back and forth between two guys stuck in a box for four hours together. Locker room/Fox hole/All Boys School type of stuff that happens when two guys are isolated together for that long. If you think about it, this type of stuff probably happens in every announcer booth at every sporting event ever. We just got a rare glimpse of it on live TV. Announcing is a tough gig. You’ve gotta keep things light in there. I mean, god only knows what the fuck John Sterling and Susyn Waldman are up to in the Yankee booth over the course of 162 games. This is probably nothing compared to them.

This is just some good natured banter between announcing partners. Eddie O and Doc just happened to give us a look behind the curtain on live TV to produce the funniest Vine I’ve ever seen.


Either that… or Doc Emrick is the weirdest man alive and we should maybe keep tabs on him outside the rink.

I’m gonna really hope it’s the former and not the latter. I’d like to have Doc keep calling games and not arrested for eating a live human being with a fork and knife. Best in the Biz!


P.S.   Pierre is so jealous that he wasn’t in on this. So jelly.

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