ESPN Took Navy’s Keenan Reynolds Off Their Public Heisman Ballot Because He Was Winning The Vote

(Keenan Reynolds talk starts at 19:58)


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(Keenan Reynolds talk starts at 19:58)


How about this shit from ESPN? Just when they get on my good graces for the greatest commercial ever made, they turn right around and do this.

I mean are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?

You’re going to take Keenan Reynolds off this list? The man who led Navy to their highest ranking in decades. The man who next week will break the all time NCAA record for touchdowns scored. The man who is leading a MILITARY school, with no high profile recruits, where football is the easiest part of the day, to a top 20 ranking and nearly a New Years Day Bowl. You’re going to take him off your public ballot so that he doesn’t finish higher than Derrick Henry and upset all the self-aggrandizing dickheads in the SEC because they pay you a billion dollars a year to televise their shitty, overrated games? Are you fucking kidding me?

Nevermind that Derrick Henry is a wildly overrated back who completely benefits off of playing behind the best offensive line recruits money can buy. Nevermind that Trent Richards– I mean Mark Ingr– I mean Eddie Lac– I mean TJ Yeld– I mean Derrick Henry is just another oversized, developed-earlier-than-everyone running back that Bama funnels in to get their 40 carries a game and 1500 yards and 20 touchdowns, get drafted too early, and flop in the NFL once everyone is their size and speed. Nevermind that Deshaun Watson and Baker Mayfield mean significantly more to their teams and are better at football. Nevermind that Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette did less with more. Nevermind that running backs should not win the Heisman over quarterbacks, especailly undefeated #1 ranked quarterbacks. Nevermind that the SEC is a trash, overrated conference with one good team who actually isn’t even that good and would’ve lost to Auburn last week if Auburn could catch the ball. Nevermind all of that.

The fact that you can’t throw Navy, and the military in general, a fucking bone and keep this kid, who represents everything that is good about football and this country, on your fake public ballot is an absolute joke. He’s one of, if not the most important singular players to his team, a top 20 team, in the entire country. He absolutely deserves to be in the discussion, even if he won’t actually win. Let alone that when all these other guys are sitting in a green room in Chicago for the NFL Draft, he’ll be starting his five years of service in the Navy. Even the heartless marketing drones at ESPN should be able to recognize how well it reflects on ESPN, College Football, and this whole country to have Keenan Reynolds on the Heisman Ballot. I mean just imagine him flying straight from the Army-Navy game to the Heisman ceremony. But you motherfuckers are too busy sucking the SEC’s dick again.

Go fuck yourself ESPN. Go fuck yourself Heisman House. And Go fuck yourself SEC. You’re the worst.

P.S.   Check out the 19:58 mark of the What’s The Action Podcast for more Keenan Reynolds talk

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  1. And exactly who the fuck are you ? If you’re mad about something ESPN has done, take it up with them. Disrespecting a player, a team, and a conference only proves what a weak pathetic person you are. Learn a little about football before you run your stupid mouth again. Idiot.


  2. That’s pretty shitty of them and it only counts as one vote out of hundreds that wouldn’t make a difference. You seem a little salty against the SEC. Bama has had only one RB flop since 2007, Trent Richardson.


  3. Pretty sure Keenan wouldn’t feel the need to tear down another player or team to make his point, but then he is not a shallow little person looking to hear himself talk, his deeds speak for him.


  4. I agree that Keenan should be a Heisman finalist but to attack Henry and call him overrated is just dumb. You claim the SEC is overrated but have you even watched their games? Everyone in the SEC west is currently bowl eligible and any time could finish in the top of every other conference. Also the Bama O-Line has not been what has been past and is near the bottom when it ranks among saban era lines. This is a joke of an article


  5. You whiny little bitches. Sack the fuck up. That quarterback would get fucking demolished in the SEC and we all know it. That option offense would get so buttfucked by an SEC teams inside defense..even Vanderbilt could stop that offense. Grow the fuck up


  6. Fuck you the sec rule collage football Yea Reynolds is a great player but to brag about a top 20 ranking then discredit the number two team is ridiculous if henry and the sec suck then navy with its lower than top ten rating sucks more


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