“Who Said It: Kobe Or Kanye” Is Surprisingly Hard

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Look, did I get an 18 out of 20? Yes. No big deal.

But I’d be lying if I said that was easy. There are plenty of keywords and blatant setups in there that you can figure them all out as one whole quiz. But if you isolate some of those quotes, it’s really hard to tell who’s who.


I guess it really speaks to the similarities between the two. Two wildly talented, wildly successful individuals who worked harder than everyone in their field to get to the top. And once they reached that pinnacle, both embraced their egos and built their brands off that. It’s hard to find many other people who have built a brand off their own ego quite like them. Others who reach that level will mask their egos by putting on a public persona as a “businessman” like Jay-Z, “winner” like Brady, “fuckboy” like Chris Brown, “humble” like a lot of Hollywood, or “the everyman who made it big” like Peyton Manning and the entire country music industry.

But not Kanye, and not Kobe. Those two chose not to mask their egos, and have exponentially grown their brands on embracing that self-importance. It’s actually a fascinating thing to watch, and something that we’ll see become more and more commonplace as the next generation of celebrities grow up. Don’t get me wrong, those two earned the fuck out of it. They took their innate talents and worked harder than everyone to be the best. They deserve those egos. It’s just crazy to see that they’re two of a very small group of real celebrities who have embraced their egos this much.

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