Draymond Green Went In On Jazz Reporter Who Cried That He Didn’t Show The Jazz Respect For Losing

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Now Draymond:


Respect? Oh like the respect Golden State got when they won the title last year “because they got lucky with the schedule and injuries”? Like the respect they got when they were written off as an anomaly? Like the respect they got when Cleveland and San Antonio and LA and OKC got more title buzz this season? Like the respect Steph got when he was too skinny and not quick enough to be a starting point guard? Like the respect Draymond got when he dropped to the second round? Like the respect Luke Walton got when everyone just thought he was the NBA’s top weed connect and not a real head coach?*

Yes, of course. Respect. Please, Golden State, show some respect for the .500 Utah team that almost beat you on the last night of at 3 and 4 stretch.










Get the fuck out of everyone’s face, Ben. I’m done wasting time criticizing people for this “show some respect” shit. It’s beyond the point of being worth it. Every normal, competitive person in the world knows that this whole “show some respect” thing is a joke. Win, or deal with the loss. If you don’t like how someone treated you or your team after a loss, fine. Don’t whine about it. Do something about. Go out and beat them next time, then disrespect them. And if you can’t do something about it because you’re just some locker room reporter who stands int he background and makes up stories, then take a step back and have some self awareness. You. Are. Not. On. The. Team. Be a fan, be a reporter, be whatever you want. But don’t sit here and whine that a team you’re not a part of got disrespected. You can’t do anything about it. And nobody cares.


P.S.   “Corny” is the perfect word to describe this guy. A+ Draymond


*more on this later

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