Damn, I Think Donald Trump Just Proved His “Muslims Cheering At 9/11” Story Was True

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I don’t know about you guys, but that kind of seals the deal here. If the CEO of the Guardian Angels and noted beret-wearer Curtis Silwa is going to back that claim up, I can’t really counter it. I mean… the guy runs the Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels are in the streets like asphalt bruh. Nobody else has seen what they’ve seen. While you’re sleeping, a Guardian Angel probably just saved your life from another burglary. And you’ll never even know it happened. If anyone is going to see thousands and thousands of people in the streets at once chanting “death to America”, it’s going to be the Guardian Angels. You gonna challenge an Angel bro? Didn’t think so. Fear and intimidation.


So I guess Trump wins again. Every time you think the public has Donald on the ropes, he always manages to throw that left hook and dance his way right back in the middle of the ring. Did anyone see the thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets that day? Yeah. The CEO of the motherfucking Guardian Angels did. And I don’t see you out here patrolling the streets.


“Bums, Making A Mess All Over The City” is an all-time Always Sunny episode. Charlie’s Serpico has never not made me laugh.


P.S.   SCORCHING Hot Take here, but the more I think about it, the more I believe it…

The Clintons asked Trump to run to tear apart the Republican party and ensure Hilary would become the President. Think about it… it’s a win-win. Trump goes from the old, delusional host of The Apprentice that nobody cared about to Most Famous Man in America overnight, saying whatever he wants and somehow becoming more famous for it. Hilary becomes the president after the Republicans nominate someone else (Rubio, Bush, whoever), and Trump steals votes away as a third party candidate. Legitimately one of the smartest political moves in human history.



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