Kristaps Got Dunked On, And I’m Totally Fine With It

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kp_dunked on


You know who gets dunked on? Everyone. From the world’s biggest scrubs to Michael Jordan himself. Every NBA player has gotten dunked on. When you spend all game challenging everyone at the rim, blocking every shot that comes your way, this is bound to happen once. All the haters who had to sit on a dick for 16 games waiting for this finally got their wish. Congrats guys. Good for you.

If blocking 25 shots a game and putting fear into everyone’s hearts leads to an occasional posterization, I’m fine with it. I’ll take that over someone like Blake Griffen who dives out of the way any day of the week. 99 times out of 100 KP is going to shove your shit in, and once in a blue moon you’ll get lucky. KP went right back down the court and made a beautiful sweeping lay up. Wasn’t phased one bit. And that’s exactly what makes him so great.

So he got dunked on by a guy who can jump and dunk? Alright. Shit happens. It was a clutch, momentum-changing play by Dwight. Well done Dwight. Congrats bruh. You’re still a huge pussy who can’t do a post move or make a free throw in year 12. You’re still a mental midget crybaby who blames his teammates more than anyone in NBA history. You’re still a coach killer and will never sniff the Finals again. You’re still a talentless hack who’s entire career is due to having big shoulders. You’re still a lame ass child who gets clowned on worse than any “star” ever. Nobody has ever or will ever take you seriously as a franchise player, and Kristaps is already better at 20 than you ever were.

But hey, great play. You won the game. Won’t take that away from you. Big play is a big play.



P.S.   That was a terrible, inexcusable loss from the Knicks. A loss that’s unfortunately going to keep happening until we have a real head coach. A loss that just can’t happen, and I won’t blame the refs for that loss. But that was one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen. That crew was a fucking joke.

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