If You Call Odell Beckham’s Catch “Meaningless” You’re A Huge Loser

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I didn’t want to talk about this. I’m sick as a dog. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. And I just watched the Giants and Knicks lose in the worst possible fashion to multiply my Sunday Scaries. I’ve spent more hour traveling than not traveling since Saturday morning. I just don’t want to deal with this shit right now. But I guess I have to…

If you call this catch–that no other person in the world can make, that brought the Giants within 6 with three minutes left, when they desperately needed a play to be made–meaningless, you are THE biggest loser in the world. The biggest. You need to walk up to the roof of your building right now and jump. Because if you can watch that play, that kept the Giants alive in that game with THREE MINUTES LEFT, and call it meaningless, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You bring nothing to the table. And you’re without a doubt the most hated person in whatever room you’re it. I don’t know what you get out of the whole “wet blanket” routine, but I hope it’s worth it to you. Because that shit is wildly played out, and anyone with the slightest bit of common sense thinks you’re a fucking moron. Stop ruining awesome moments for everyone else because of your incessant need to contradict everything. We all hate you.

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