The Warriors Might Not Lose Until January 31st

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First off, good job good effort Lakers. Awesome work. I’m pretty sure the Warriors would’ve won that game playing 4 on 5 the whole time. But hey, great team-building this offseason LA. I’m sure those guys will figure out how to play together at some point.

As for the Warriors…  I just can’t see them losing before January. Seriously, who is going to beat this team. Find me one L on this schedule…



You could maybe talk me into San Antonio on the 25th. And I’ll hear you out on at Cleveland on the 18th. But I still think they make it a point to win those games.

The problem with beating this Warriors team is their depth. For most teams you’d think, “they’re going to get tired”, “there’s a schedule loss in there”, “they can’t maintain this level of play”. And those are all fair points. But all the Warriors need is a two minute run to put a game out of reach. All they need is one of those Warriors runs for two minutes and before you know it, they’re up 15. And once that happens, none of their lineups are going to surrender the lead. Doesn’t matter the lineup. Starters, bench, whatever. And if they run that Steph, Klay, Barnes, Iggy, Draymond at center lineup out there? Forget it.

This team is too hungry to let a game slip away. We saw that against the Clippers last week. They’re young, they’re energetic, they’re elite defensively, they have multiple scorers, they’re ridiculously deep, they have the best player in the world, they’re supremely confident, and they’re hungry to prove why they’re the best. It’s like the perfect concoction for a 70+ win team. There won’t be a single night this season where they let up, and I really have no clue who can beat them. Only one player comes to mind…




That’s right. Sunday, January 31st, 7:30pm. The Warriors first loss. Kristopping the Warriors right in their tracks. Lock that in.

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