Chip Kelly Will Be Coaching LSU By January

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(1:50 Mark)

Also, via TBL… Adam Schefter :  “The momentum and signs seem to be piling up against a Chip return to Philadelphia. I think both sides are sick of each other. I think the fans are tired of him, I think he’s tired of the situation there – just my read from afar … I just think that Chip Kelly, if given a choice, might be comfortable elsewhere”


What reason does Chip have to stay in the NFL? Just give me one good reason to stay if you’re him. One reason to stay in a terrible city, with a fanbase that hates you, after a string of bad personnel decisions, with a roster that doesn’t trust you, with a front office that is sick of your shit, with one of the league’s worst quarterback situations, when there are two MAJOR college football openings. One reason to stick it out in Philadelphia when you will be handed the reigns at LSU or USC. One reason…

Until you can give me a reason, Chip is gone in my mind. He’s too much of a control freak to stay in the NFL, especially when he can’t get his hands on a real quarterback. This little experiment was fun and all, but he was meant to run a college program. There’s a reason guys like Saban and Harbaugh and Petrino and all these guys find their way back to college almost immediately – control. Control over any and every thing that has to do with football. From recruiting to gameplanning to nutrition to under the table payments, Chip wants it his way. And that just can’t happen in the NFL.

He’ll play out these next few weeks until Lex gets the ax at LSU, then Fly Eagles Fly his way right out of Philly. He’ll get full control of that program, keep most–if not all–of this recruiting class, and build himself up a new “system” down there. And by the time spring games roll around next year, we’ll get getting another E:60 feature on the yellow and purple smoothie cups his players are drinking out of down in Baton Rouge. Lock it in.


P.S.   How about that photoshop job, huh?

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