Life Is Just Time Spent Between New Fargo Episodes

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I wish I could write eloquently about Fargo. I wish I had one tenth the talent of guys like Greenwald or Sepinwall or any of the number of writers out there who can add to the experience of watching a show like this. Fargo is without question the best show on TV right now, and I want to add something to that other than “yoooo Fargo was LIT”.

But you’re talking to someone who’s featured blog yesterday was a recap of Aaron Carter’s Twitter meltdown. I regularly talk about my Porzingasms. I haven’t read a book in like four years. I am in no position to write something thoughtful about Fargo. The show is too good. It’s too well written, too well shot, too well acted and directed and conceptualized and put together for me to shit all over it with some fraudulent think piece about what Mike Milligan’s references say about the issues out society today. I will not steal from everyone’s Fargo experience. I love this show too much to do that, and I am not a crook.

Instead, I’ll just sit here counting down the hours until that next episode. Because outside of my Porzingasms, nothing else really matters.


P.S.   2:29 tho…

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