Kid Gets Concussed, Still Hits Game Winning Three Because #BallIsLife

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You see, this is what all the doctors and journalists and stat nerds will never get about the concussion issue. It’s something only real athletes like me, not journalists like Mike Wilbon who I give fake quotes to after games, will ever get. This is why we play through the head injuries. This is why we don’t want to come out from a little wooziness. This is why we grab the helmet from the trainers hand and run back on the field even when we can’t count to F.

Ball Is Life.

Ball always is and forever will be life. And I’ll take an extra two years off my life to stay in the biggest game of the season. I don’t care what kind of damage that extra minute of running around does after ratting my brain around my skull like the Trouble dice.

I’m staying in that game. And when I get the ball in the corner, I’m going to hit that three. Muscle memory took over a long time ago. A little CTE ain’t changing anything.

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