Ham’s Daily Porzingasm: “Chris Bosh Can’t Guard Me” -Kristaps

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NYP  —  Heat All-Star power forward Chris Bosh said before the game that he had the answer to stopping the Knicks’ 7-foot-3 rookie wonder Kristaps Porzingis — try defending him.

Well, it wasn’t a solid night for Porzingis, but he ended up still posting big numbers — 20 points, 14 rebounds, two blocks in a career-high 37 minutes.

He scored on the first possession — a wide-open 3 with Bosh nowhere to be found. In fact, Porzingis didn’t notice as much attention as the Heat predicted.

“I still had a lot of open looks from the 3-point line,’’ Porzingis said. “I couldn’t really tell. The first shot I got was a wide-open 3. Maybe during the game they were adjusting more. Obviously it’s hard with my height to contest my shot.’’

At the Heat’s morning shootaround, Bosh and Dwyane Wade said a lot of Porzingis’ success had been due to defenses leaving him open. Wade said that would soon change.

“They could try,’’ Carmelo Anthony said afterward. “He ain’t soft.’’


Cute stuff out of Chris Bosh yesterday, taking shots at my man Kristaps before the game. Really, really cute stuff. I knew the backlash to the Kristappening was coming, I just didn’t know it would be that soon. Yet here we are, game 15, with prehistoric fuckboys like the Boshtrich here dropping excuse bombs all over the media to justify KP’s domination. Again, so cute Chris. So cute.

Tell me Chris, where was that crowding defense you’re talking about? What exactly did you guys do? Because for all that extra attention you paid to him, I saw maybe 4 legitimately “contested” shots out of the 18 he took. Or was it maybe that, for all that talk, you couldn’t actually guard him? Maybe just “crowding” the 7’3″ Latvian reincarnation of Larry Bird doesn’t actually matter? Because even when he played a bad game by his standards, Kristaps still posted 20 and 14 in your grill and held you to 2 of 12 shooting. So maybe the extra attention doesn’t matter at all. And maybe you should keep you mouth shut next time you’re asked about Kristaps. Because that Friday rematch at the Garden is looming, and I can absolutely guarantee Kristaps won’t miss those same inside shots he missed last night. After all, it’s not like you’re “extra attention” is gonna affect them.


P.S.   Still can’t get over how bad Fisher’s rotations are. Dude just sat there and played the Galloway-Vujacic-Thomas-Williams-O’Quinn lineup and watched Miami real off an 11-0 run to put the game out of reach. Unbelievable stuff. Won’t play Galloway at the point in crunch time to put our five best players (Gallo-Afflalo-Melo-Porzingis-Lopez) on the court together, but has no problem throwing him out there with the three worst players on our team and Lance “I still think I’m a scorer” Thomas. I have less than zero trust that he’ll figure it out at any point this year.

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