Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Has A Tattoo Of Himself On His Back For The Best Reason

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I mean… this is kind of brilliant, right? I can’t be the only who thinks that. Yes, of course he can’t actually see out of his tattoo eyes. I know that. But are we sure everyone knows that? Do the people coming for his back know that. Because while you might just see a wildly egotistical tattoo plastered across RHJ’s back, I see a decoy. Is that Rondae, or Randae’s tattoo? I don’t know and I’m not ready to find out. And even if you are gonna sneak up behind Rondae, that Rondae on his back will at least give you a little pause.

It’s almost like a scarecrow. You and I might know it’s a doll stuffed with hay, but those birds don’t. And while Rondae might know the Rondae on his back is just a tattoo, those birds creeping up behind him don’t know for sure. Is he really watching his own back? No. But in a way, he actually is.



P.S.   RHJ might be the only ray of hope on that garbage Nets team. So high.

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