Odell Beckham Jr. Made The Best Catch Ever One Year Ago Today

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I still can’t believe he caught it. I really, truly cannot believe he made that catch. It’s un-fucking-believable when you think about it. Full speed, interfered with, falling backwards, staying in bounds, three fingers. All of it defies logic.

I know we’re desensitized from it now. You see a catch like this, put it through the social media ringer, and soon enough it’s called “overrated” or “lucky”. People pick it apart, dropping completely irrelevant shit like “they didn’t even win the game” or “the league will be able to gameplan for him this year”, as if that has any connection to the singular act of catching that one football. I mean people will do anything to discount something truly incredible, but the Odell catch took it to new heights.

I couldn’t care less, though. I’m not gonna let some petty jealousy diminish one of the greatest singular plays that any of us have ever seen. It was nothing short of magical, and everything that’s happened since then plays absolutely zero factor in how I remember that play. That catch in itself was awesome. Probably the greatest catch we’ve ever seen. And you not like Odell’s celebrity status or dance moves has nothing to do with how fucking impossible this catch actually is.



P.S.   Funny enough, the only catch that’s gotten more backlash is the Helmet Catch, which still gets the “luck” treatment. Because nothing says “luck” quite like  out-jumping a defender, plucking a football from the air, outmuscling an HGH-filled Rodney Harrison, pinning it to your helmet to secure the ball, and holding on despite a man pulling your arm down. Definitely no skill there. All luck. You petty fucking idiots.

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