Just A Reminder, Porzingis Went For 24-14 With 7 Blocks On Saturday

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You know what the best part of those highlights is? The opposing announcers. Don’t get me wrong, hearing the MSG call every night is awesome. Mike and Clyde are the best in the game and it’s not even close. But they’re not even shocked by Kristaps anymore. These things are expected of him now – that’s how transcendent these first 14 games have been.

But the opposing announcers? They don’t even know what they’re in for. Listening to their first Porzingasm on air is truly a beautiful thing to hear, and no I do not want to retract that sentence. That chuckle and “WHAT?!” when KP went to the lefty hook at 0:48 was music to my ears. These guys are fawning over him at every opportunity. “Kareem-like” “he’s so tall” “great release for a big guy” “such an eeeeeeasy look” “that’s impressive” “imposes his will” “I didn’t know he was amphibious” “Haven’t had a player you could go to until this young kid”. I might just rewatch every game with the opponents announcers just to hear that stuff.

As for the game… it might have been my favorite KP performance yet. Displayed some of that inside touch, shot the ball with frightening ease, and was involved in every single big play down the stretch. He’s instilled such confidence in this team that they’re now finishing the majority of plays he starts. Every big block or rebound he got seemed to finish with a Knicks basket. Is a lot of that is circumstantial? Of course. But it still means something. At the very least, you see how drastically those KP plays can shift the momentum in the Knicks favor. You can’t take that kind of game-changing ability lightly.

Even more than that though, we really saw the mental effect his defense can play on opposing teams. James Harden was legitimately frightened to take it to the hole down the stretch. Every time he got within 10 feet of the hoop, Kristaps was right in his grill. I don’t think he even got a layup to the rim that whole fourth quarter. Sure, James Harden is a mental midget, but he’s still James Harden. He’s still the guy who gets his shot off and draws fouls better than anyone in the league.

Yet Kristaps walked right into his kitchen and set up shop. Just took over his brain like a goddamn Latvian conquistador. Made the MVP runner up look like a second round rookie forced into crunch time minutes. That’s the type of affect he has in game 14.

Again, game 14.

Tonight Kristaps has Chris Bosh, who I think might give him more trouble than anyone (Aldridge, Love, Davis) he’s seen thus far. At this point, “trouble” is probably 22-13-4. But I do think tonight will be a great learning experience for the rook. Throw in Whiteside, who’s become a defensive force, and this is arguably the toughest frontline matchup he’ll face all season. There are a LOT of things that he can pick up from both Bosh and Whiteside, so I’m very excited to see how this goes.

Hammer the Knicks +5. Moneyline is +180 if you have a pair.

P.S.   I do not say this lighty… tomorrow is MUST-LISTEN radio

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