Clemson – USC Hype Video For Saturday’s Impending Massacre

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Look, everyone knows that Clemson has murdered the South Carolina football program. It’s laughable how quickly we flipped the script on them. Two years ago they were hot shit for beating us. Now they’re halfway in the dirt. I mean what is USC right now? 5-6? 4-7?

*checks standings*

Wait they’re 3 and 8? THREE AND EIGHT? Are you fucking kidding me? Three and eight? No joke I was fully prepared to say they were 5-6 before I checked the standings. I just assumed they won at least four or five games in that dogshit SEC. Yet they couldn’t even do that. Unreal. No wonder Spurrier ran out on this team.

In truth though, he knew it was over. Clemson has been out-recruiting SC not just up and down the state of South Carolina, but throughout the country. Every single top-tier recruit in the country wants to play for Dabo, and the Old Ball Coach got out of dodge before things got too embarrassing. He wanted to leave with a shred of dignity, not at the hands of his rivals in a 52-14 beatdown. I mean he already had players regretting their decision before he even left, why stick around to get emasculated by Clemson?


It’s not even necessarily his fault either. Who wouldn’t regret heading to that garbage program to lose back to back 12pm kickoffs to Missouri and LSU on SEC5 while Clemson had Gameday in town for the third year in a row to beat Notre Dame and Georgia Tech by a million on ABC? Who wouldn’t regret wearing poop stained maroon uniforms for the Cocks when those electric orange unis are shining under the Death Valley lights of another 8pm kickoff. Who wouldn’t regret playing for a coach willing to quit midseason when you’re watching the most likable man to ever walk the sidelines coin phrases like BYOG after beating Notre Dame. Those kids quit on the team before the Old Ball Coach could himself. Clemson – USC was over before it even began.

So yeah, this week should be fun. It’ll be nice to bury the cocks like we did with The U. I’ll enjoy every second of it. But in reality they were already dead. So dead that we couldn’t even get a 3:30 kickoff on Saturday. Nobody even wants to watch you South Carolina, why even show up this week? Just hang back in your dorms and drink yourself blind. You won’t want to remember watching this game anyway.

Clemson -17.5

Lock that in while it’s still that low. We’re winning by no less than 30.

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