What’s The Action Podcast – Rousey, Cam, Ortiz, & Porzingis

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Click here to watch Part 1
The What’s The Action Podcast – NFL Week 11 & Giants-Pats


The What’s The Action Podcast – 11/18 Part 2

Consoli and I give you the action on Ronda Rousey taking a dive, Cam Newton’s celebration, Consoli learning what Dabbing is, David Ortiz’s retirement, Notre Dame hosting Boston College in their own backyard at Fenway Park, and my non-stop Porzingasm about Kristaps Porzingis.


Blogs referenced:

Ronda Rousey  —  Yes, Of Course The Ronda Rousey Fight Was Fixed

Cam Newton  —  Woman Writes Open Letter To Cam Newton To Complain About His “Dabbing” Celebration Because She Can’t Explain It To Her Daughter

David Ortiz  —  David Ortiz, 2014: “I Won’t Do Retirement Tour”… 2015: “I’m Retiring After Next Season”
and David “No Retirement Tour For Me” Ortiz Starts His Retirement Tour

Kristaps Porzingis  —  Porzingis Goes For 29 & 11, Gets MVP Chants, Is Officially A Superstar
and I Would Not Trade Kristaps Porzingis For Anthony Davis


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And check out Part 1 – The What’s The Action Podcast – NFL Week 11 & Giants-Pats


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