#TBT: 30 Years Ago Lawrence Taylor Snapped Joe Theismann’s Leg In Half

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Nice little afternoon throwback to that time Lawrence Taylor ran out there like a crazed dog and snapped Joe Theismann’s leg clean in half. Fun watch as you head to lunch.

Wanted to mention this because it was a monumental moment in the way the world consumed sport injuries. This was the first real, nationally televised game. It was Monday Night Football, and the entire country watched a slow motion replay of Theismann’s leg literally snapping in half. It’s call “The Hit That No One Who Saw It Can Ever Forget” because it was the first time a national audience had seen that gruesome an injury on TV.

While we still react violently to something like Paul George or Kevin Ware, we still know that something is coming. That moment the replay aired 30 years ago was the first time something that gruesome had aired with zero expectation. People had no idea something like that could happen, and it changed the entire way the game was viewed by the general public.

So yeah, sorry if you’re a little queasy right now, but suck it up. We’ve seen bones pop out of the skin as it happens. The people who saw this had no idea what was coming…


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