Ham’s Daily Porzingasm: The NBA Sold Out Of Porzingis Jerseys

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Of course they have. Why wouldn’t they? You’re talking about the Rookie of the Year, the most untradable player in the NBA, the future MVP of the league. A Kristaps jersey is as locked-in a long term investment as you’ll ever find. It’s something that will be passed down to your grandkid’s grandkids, and the grandkids of your grandkid’s grandkids. Investing in a Kristaps Porzingis jersey is the most no-doubt purchase since Derek Jeter first donned the pinstripes. He will never play for another team than the New York Knicks. He was born to play in New York, and will be here eating pressure for breakfast for the rest of his life. You’ll be wearing that Kristaps jersey at his retirement ceremony, under the tux at your wedding, in the delivery room for the birth of your son, and for the first time you take him to Madison Square Garden. And when the crowd stands up at halftime for the 25th anniversary of the 2017 NBA Champion New York Knicks, you’ll remove your jersey, hand it to your son Kristaps, and share a tearful embrace that’ll make Red and Andy’s hug look like an awkward high five.


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