Ever Wonder How Much Nike Gear College Athletes Get?

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(old video via The Big Lead today)


Look, I’m firmly of the belief that college athletes should get paid. I think the entire institution of elite college athletics is a huge sham. The fact that these guys generate insane revenues for their schools and TV networks and see less financial compensation than the pimply-face Chem major sophomore does working the book store is a fucking joke.

But if you want to say that this gear is compensation enough… I kind of get it. That’s like… thousands of dollars of Nike gear right there. Throw in the Final Four appearance and national championship swag, and you might legitimately be talking about five figures worth of shit at the end of the say. So yeah, they should get paid a lot more for the revenue they generate, and Nike does get more value from giving the kids this stuff for free anyway, but I can see why people might think they’re compensated enough.

(Not really though, they should still get paid)

P.S.   I wonder if the heroes at Georgetown would be brave enough to tape over all of those Nike logos?


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