Rockets Fire Kevin McHale, James Harden Is A Mental Midget

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There are millions of examples as to why James Harden is baby thighs, but I think these two summarize is perfectly. If you think for one second that this guy could win you an NBA Championship, you’re out of your skull. You can’t watch one full Rockets game and tell me that you want James Harden as your leader. You just can’t. He’s as soft as he is lazy, and that attitude permeated through the whole Rockets roster.

Was Kevin McHale the greatest coach ever? Of course not. But you can only put so much of the Rockets failures this season on him. These players are adults, and at a certain point it’s up to them to show even the slightest bit of hustle and effort out there. When your “team leaders” are James Harden and Dwight Howard, two of the biggest mental midgets in basketball history, your team is going to be soft. There’s just nothing you can do about that.

So whatever, McHale is gone. Whoever they pull in isn’t going to right the ship until James Harden starts giving even half of a fuck on the defensive end.

I know I’m just going to enjoy having McHale back on NBA TV and TNT the rest of the year. One of the most enjoyable color guys out there.

P.S.   If I’m Phil Jackson I’m throwing the book at McHale to come tutor Kristaps for at least the remainder of the season. If there’s one person who has the physical and mental capacity to accept tutelage from McHale, it’s Kristaps. He’s already shown some flashes of brilliance with his footwork in the paint, including the dream shake he’s thrown on Anthony Davis and Frank Kaminsky the last few nights. If he can develop those McHale post moves, under McHale’s tutelege, with the innate footwork, length, athleticism, and touch he already has? OHMYGOD I think I need a cold shower.

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