Porzingis Goes For 29 & 11, Gets MVP Chants, Is Officially A Superstar

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What a night man. What a fucking night. 29 and 11, 10-17 from the field. 7-7 from the line. 2-2 from three. A +20 plus/minus. The coming out party we’ve all been waiting for. In just twelve games, Kristaps has shown the entire NBA that he’s not just “not Shawn Bradley” or “a poor-man’s Dirk” or “not a stiff”, but a bonafide fucking superstar. He’s already the most beloved Knick since… well probably since Patrick. And he’s sure as fuck the best since him. He is the future of this franchise, and showed amidst a chorus of “POR-ZIN-GIS” and “M-V-P” chants exactly why he deserved it. And it took just three weeks to get there, because every single New York Knicks fan can clearly see everything that he is.

You want to say I’m going to far here? Shit, I might not be going far enough. On Monday I wrote that there weren’t five players I’d trade Kristaps for. And one hour before tip last night, I revised that and wrote this…


and all last night did was reaffirm everything that I’ve thought about him from Day One…


He’s the real deal. He’s a superstar. He’s going to the goddamn Hall of Fame and I’ll put my name to that because I believe it 1000000% percent. Until he shows one sign of regression, one sign of weakness, one sign that he is even a little bit scared of the pressure that comes with playing in New York… until he shows any of that, I’m only going to strengthen my belief in him. After all, he didn’t even play that well last night…


P.S.   Don’t sleep on that Melo game either. He was awesome. Limited his Iso’s (as much as Melo can, which still means he took to many), crashed the boards, gave a ton of effort on defense, dove for loose balls multiple times, and, most importantly, trusted his teammates enough to move the ball. He was actively looking to get to ball to Kristaps at times, and that extra pass to Gallo for three to end the third was MASSIVE. I mean when do you ever see Melo pass up a shot to end a quarter?

You want any more proof that Kristaps is a franchise-changing superstar? He’s slowly turning Melo into a semi-selfless player who hits the boards and actively defends.


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